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How to choose a good dentist?


I have often noticed that many people come to see me at the laboratory so that I can advise them on a good dentist, that I give them the address and the telephone number of a good dentist. I completely understand this approach.

 1- Word of mouth:

A simple and safe way to choose a good dentist is simply to ask around you, your family, your colleagues, your friends, if they can advise you on a good address.

A second advantage is that you will be able to see the aesthetic result of the dentist’s work, and thus to be able to assess his skills in some way. But be careful, I advise you to look at the prostheses of people who have had them for some time (minimum 5 years).

2- The national order of dental surgeons:

All the contact details for your region are on

Ask them to recommend a dentist.  your problems.

They list the dentists who make conferences, seminars, since the union informs its members of future events.

In the majority of cases, the competence of a dentist who participates in conferences is not to be demonstrated. They are not speakers for nothing! They are recognized by their colleagues.

The syndicate can also be useful to you for the addresses of “sos dentists”, 24-hour clinics, etc.

3- Ask your pharmacist:

You necessarily have a pharmacist in your neighborhood that you will see regularly. Since dentists prescribe prescriptions, pharmacists are able to advise you since they know them all.

 4- The yellow pages:

You have a limited budget, do not opt ​​for these dental clinics which pass enticing advertisements and which claim to be equipped with the latest technologies. Posting ads and modern equipment are expensive, so they amortize this investment on their rates.

 5- The last very useful tips:

– You will rather opt for a dentist who is close to your home. It is an obvious choice of comfort since you may see it very often during the prosthetic stages. Know that, from my experience with dentists, I have seen that most do not live very far from their office and this is not negligible in the event of an emergency. It will be easier for him to find you in the office quickly.

– When you make an appointment with a dentist you do not know, a very good way to help you make your choice is to inspect the general condition of his office. The cleanliness of the walls, the floor, the assistant’s clothing, the condition of the furniture, the decoration (70s, 80s or contemporary), the cleanliness of the windows, the carpets, the condition of the carpet…

An indication of the competence of the dentist is the waiting room. It is often revealing. Too many people is not necessarily a good sign. You can imagine that it does in quantity. But, this is not always the case, he can be a victim of his own success.

In both cases, this can be detrimental to you since he will not have too much time to devote to you. It happened to me, when I had too many requests, to have a tendency to rush the work in order to be able to respect the deadlines.

Is your dentist young or rather old? Here too, I will rather opt for an average age (forties is a good target). Too young, he will lack experience, but will be more up to date with the latest techniques and technology in dentistry.

Conversely, the veteran will have experience, but often still applies the old good methods acquired more than 15 years ago.


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